Basic Information
Full Name Cecil Forstiila
Race Wilden
Class Shaman
Gender Male
Alignment Unalinged
Biographical Information
Homeland NONE
Origin Feywild
Age 27
Current Status Trying to get back to the Feywild
Physical Description
Height 5'0"
Weight 136 Lbs.
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Pure Black
Scars/Tattoos Missing 17 spines on his right arm
Afflictions Unknown
Deity/Patron Unknown
Adventuring Company N/A
Guild N/A
Tribe/City/Country N/A

Chronological Information
First Appeared Listener Campaign 1 "The Wreckening" -Cecil
Last Appeared Listener Campaign 1 "The Wreckening" -Cecil

"Hey Gee! What ya doin ova thaya? You standin'? You standin' ova thaya? Because your supposed to be lookin', and your not lookin'. I know what lookin' looks like."

Played by Evan in Listener Campaign 1