The Legion of the Bloodied Wyvern is an adventuring company based out of Axis. Before the Wreckateers came around, the Legion was the best known operation in town. They saved the city from a few lesser threats and cemented themselves as heroes of the people due to their heroic efforts and selfless behavior.

After the incidents in town surrounding the Orcus cult, the Wreckateers gained the spotlight as the Legion was out on a quest at the time and was not present to help with the town's defense.

The companies met during the processional parade through town celebrating the thwarting of the cult's activities. It was around that time that the Wreckateers hired some of the less skilled bards in town to play their terrible music and devote it to the Legion in an effort to draw business away from them and possibly to the Wreckateers.

The companies met again in the finals of the group tournament in the town of EmberSpire. The Legion lost and one of their party members was killed. Even in spite of this, the Legion has offered assistance to the Wreckateers whenever it was needed and has done all they can to protect Axis and its inhabitants.


  • Valana : Female Half-Orc Forest Runner (Ranger) : KIA (Kicked into a pit "This is Sparta" style by Faersun during group combat finals.)
  • Ebon : Female Elf Wilder (Rogue)
  • Skamul: Male Dragonborn Elementalist (Sorcerer)
  • Thrid : Male Goliath Beastmaster (Fighter)
    • Pipsy: Male Kobold Shinestealer (Rogue) : Friend and 'pet' of Thrid
  • Gizor: Male Drow Spiritbender (Wizard/Psion)
  • Orma: Female Gnome Shadow (Assassin)